Christmas Club

Christmas Club 2020 is now closed and will reopen in August 2021

We all know Christmas can be a stressful time so we are here to make it that little bit easier!

With Christmas Club you no longer have to worry about ‘Will anywhere still have it in stock’ or ‘Where on earth am i going to hide everything?’ or ‘How am i going to save up enough for everything?’. 

Sugacane’s Christmas Club has your back! 

With a quick look through our website you can find and reserve all the best toys before they all go, up to 3 months in advance!! How useful is that ?! With evenly spread out scheduled payments (25% deposit, 25%, 25%, 25%) there’s no worry when it comes to affordability and availability. Everything will be kept behind closed doors until the final payment has been made and when complete we will send your items to you! 

So put your feet up this christmas and have a hassle free delivery right to your door, and let us take care of the rest. Go on, you deserve it!